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About PetGigs - The Biggest Pet Sitting Directory is one of the top-rated directories that serve as a perfect meeting place for pet sitters and people that are looking for the services of a reliable pet sitter in their area. Often when we have to go on vacations we do not know what to do with our pets and not all of us may be lucky enough to have friends that love pets who can take in our pet for a few days. comes as a great solace for people that are traveling and the pets. Pet sitters often operate in a very small way and their services are not well advertised and we often do not know our local pet sitters. By providing a perfect platform for people who want to hire a local pet sitter and for the pet sitting service providers, bridges the gap. that started in 2004 has grown to be one of the largest online pet sitting directories. You can find all types of pet care services here for free. Pet sitters too benefit a great deal by advertising their services in this directory. As has become a high traffic site with targeted audience, all the pet sitters that advertise their services are kept busy through out the year. also offers other pet related services. Here you can find reviews about pet care products, vets in your area and much more. If you are looking for your perfect dogs or cats, you have access to thousands of dog breeders and over 300 cat breeders. This number continues to grow as Petgigs network continues to expand. Dog breeders and cat breeders can list their pets in to sell them fast. Pet breeders will also be able to upload the photos of their pets to impress their clients. allows pet sitters to link to their own websites. They can list their services free of cost and no strings attached. We have been helping pet lovers by providing the most needed services for their pets. They do not have to be anxious anymore about what to do with the pets. All of us love our pets and we want the best care and protection possible for them. provides you with an instant access to hundreds of pet sitters in your area. Our directory will save you a lot of time because you do not have to surf the internet for hours looking for pet sitters. Moreover, not all pet sitters have websites; they are often found through friends and references. You may not find them when you need them the most. You can now say goodbye to all those problems. We provide you with the most exhaustive list of pet sitters in your area. You can find the most caring pet sitters in a matter of few clicks.

You can now take advantage of this free directory to look for pets, pet sitters as well as advertise your pets or pet sitting services.

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