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When the entire nation is struggling hard to fight through the hardships of financial crisis, it is important that every family has some form of home business or some secondary source of income to augment the family income and to meet the expenses. Every additional dollar that trickles in is an added relief. However, the question is how to make money and how do we bring that extra income? Most of us shy away from setting up some form of home business because we think that we need a lot of money as investment capital to setup a business. You would be glad to hear that you are wrong, there are a number of things that you can do without any investment and one such opportunity is pet sitting.

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 The number of pet owners in the US is increasing dramatically, though many people love their pets, they do not have enough time to take care of their pets and some of them are too busy in making money to make the ends meet. At the same time, they do not want to get rid of their pets. They also feel guilty that they are not taking care of their pets, as they should. If you are someone who loves animals and enjoy sharing your time with them, then you have a great money making opportunity before you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can make money by doing something that you would love to do? Yes, by becoming a pet-sitter you can start seeing some extra money in your life. This does not require any form of investment – it just requires your time. You can run your own pet sitting business and earn money the easy way. You can choose your own timings, when you would like to make yourself available – you can decide whether it is going to be the evenings, afternoons or weekends. Since you are the boss, you decide your timings and your availability.  There is no sweat, there is no hard work and it is easy money.

  However, when you setout as a pet-sitter, you must let people know that you are available for pet sitting. It might be someone who lives just few blocks away from your house who is in need of pet-sitting services and if you don’t let people know you are a new pet-sitter in town you cannot expect to see any money or your income will be very limited. Many think that to advertise their pet-sitting services they have to spend a lot of money. It is not necessary; you can advertise your services for free by listing your services in This is one of the most visited directories for pet-sitting services. will give you all the exposure that you need for your pet-sitting services. While advertising a service, it is important to be found where people look for such services. Therefore, is the best place to be listed as this an exclusive directory for pet-sitting services.


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